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The motorcycle section is affiliated to the Federation of British Police Motor Clubs. Members can enter a series of events held over various weekends around the UK throughout the summer known as treks.These treks are navigational scatter events where participants have to plot clues on ordnance survey maps then visit the clues and attempt to find the correct answer. Essentially they are very large treasure hunts which afford members the opportunity to ride around various parts of the UK which these otherwise might never get to see. There are four such treks held every year and points accumulated in the events count towards a riders final position in the national championship. Accomodation is usually in high quality hotels with the opportunity to socialise in the evenings over the trek weekend.

As well as the treks members of the club can also benefit from various discounts and many ride outs are organised throughout the year on an ad-hoc basis.

Details are available on the clubs help screen RH NPMC

Keith Shannon cv 5337 at NCC or Stu Parkes cv 5992 Central Enquiry Clerk, Forth Banks Police Station .

The motorcycle club has a motorcycle trailer which can carry 3 bikes. The trailer has lighting board and straps for securing to the trailer. The trailer is now kept at MO- TECH , Bridge House, Elizabeth St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1JS tel no 0191 265 9793.


Persons requiring the use of this trailer please contact Either Stu Parkes 5992 at Forth Banks Police station or Fraser Doherty at Mo – tech during office hours .

The Mountain Bike section currently organises an annual Coast to Coast event involving in excess of 30 cyclists.

We also organise smaller, local rides throughout the year.

The rides are open to any members of NPSSC and they can join us by contacting D/Sgt 38 Mark Jones via email.

The next ride (Way of the Roses), in June 2017 is fully subscribed but I do have a waiting list in the event of any drop outs.


They can also contact Mark if they would like to join any of the smaller rides throughout the year.

The NPRTTS was formed in 1938 under the then Newcastle City Police and used locally maintained military deport ranges. In subsequent mergers and amalgamations of County, Borough and City forces, Northumbria Police Target Rifle Club emerged. Since emergence of NPRTSS it has been part of the Northumbria Police Sports and Social Club who have supported it through an annual grant.

The club constitutionally formed and registered as an official Home Office approved club.  Membership is for serving, retired officers, civilian staff members and special constables.

The club aims to promote shooting activities and engage in competitive club and national events.  The club has an annual visit to the National and International Phoenix Shoot at the national Shooting Centre at Bisley, where members engage in recognized shooting disciplines.  Whilst our success rate is reasonable we have in the past been relatively successful.  The weekend is also a great social event for those attending. The club also visits the National Shooting event at Newark, a show case for equipment and accessories.

If you are interested in shooting activities then contact 4024 Dave Gilchrist

Northumbria Police Netball is a thriving section.

The Northumbria Netball section currently have around 30 members, a mixture of police officers and police staff.   We have two teams that play in the Police Sport UK competitions. These teams participate in the year round knock out competition, and the national two day tournament (held in September, Nottingham hosted this in 2016, with Kent hosting the next one on 1st Sept’17).


We also have two teams in the local Tyne & Wear league under the name of “Northumbria Police A & B”. All games are played at Blue Flames Sports Club, Whitley Road, Benton. Winter league runs from September to March and Summer league from April to July. Games average out as one every two weeks.     People can play for either/both the Police team (i.e. Northumbria Police PSUK) or our work team in the local league  

Players must be affiliated before playing in any of the competition or league games. This is roughly £30 for the year (Sept-Aug). It is therefore advised to come and watch a game before committing your money.   We have in the past conducted training sessions however due to the majority of players attending their own local netball clubs and playing for other teams, training sessions are no longer viable.

Over the years Northumbria have an excellent track record and have won the Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies at the PSUK nationals and also the regional knockouts.

The local Northumbria Police team in Tyne & Wear consist of an A and B team, the  A team are currently in Division 2   and the B team are currently in Division 3.  We have in the past managed to have an addition C Team in the league however player numbers and shift work have meant for a number of seasons now we have two larger squads.

Due to popular demand, we also now play in a Kenton League held at Kenton High School on a Tuesday. This is ad-hoc, and arranged weekly by Dc 2222 Liz Pullen.  It’s £3 per match and very casual, ideal for those coming back to netball after a long period out. 

If you are interested in playing netball or want any further information, please contact any of the committee members:

DC 8496 Melissa Spackman

Sgt 2408 Kate Barr, Central Area Command,

Insp 7030 Sharon Chatterton, Intelligence Unit 


2018 PSUK National Championships

On Friday 31st August 2018 the Northumbria Police Netball squad attended the annual PSUK tournament, hosted this year by West Yorkshire.
The weather held for us all weekend, and we managed a fantastic ten games of netball per team and no injuries!
The format as usual being the 36 forces are split into groups of six and play each other.
The result at the end of the Saturday dictates Sundays play.
1st/2nd place qualifies for the gold section, 3rd/4th for silver, and 5th/6th, for the bronze section.
On this occasion, both teams had a very successful Saturday and qualified for the Gold Section.
Sunday saw some tough competition for us. The A team won a further three of their matches and finished within the top 5 , the B team coming within the top 12.
Out of 36 forces and with an incredibly high standard this is an amazing achievement.
Next years tournament confirmed hosts are West Midlands Police.


The Rugby section has a long and illustrious history playing local clubs and entering the National Inter-Force Rugby competition. The team has made four appearances in the Final, unfortunately losing to various Welsh teams on each occasion!

A number of players have gone on to represent the British Police side in exotic locations around the world. Dave Guthrie has recently captained the British Police team.

Northumbria Police have also had players feature for the English Police National team, currently Tony Moody and Greg Haynes feature amongst the squad.

We currently have 50ish players who, in various stages of physical and mental health can be called upon to rally to the cause! If you have a pair of boots, feel up for a run out, can drink beer and enjoy the Craic then please get in touch

Points of contact

Sgt 767 Leach, North Tyneside.

Pc 2054 Haynes, Central.

Helpscreen is - RH RUGBY

Northumbria Police Rugby team are planning to enter the 2017/2018 PSUK Championship.
Anyone interested in joining the team please contact Alex Leach or Greg Haynes