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The section organises competitions with a view to identifying those who will take part and represent Northumbria Police in both the Regional and National Fishing Championships.

The majority of matches are fished against Durham, Cleveland, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Humberside, and more often than not are fished on well established fishing venues such as Woodlands, Thirsk and Lindholme Fisheries.

The section has 34 members of which only 15 or so are regular attenders.  Like most of the other sections at this time the majority of members are retired officers and I would estimate that these account for about 70% of the current membership.

Police Golf Section 2019
The Northumbria Police Golf Section started its 2019 season with a match at Waterton Park Golf Club in the British Police Team Championships. The team played Police Scotland, who had beaten West Yorkshire in the morning round. In a tight match we ran out winning 3-2.
17 players represented Northumbria in the Borders Alliance Golf Tournament at the Woll Golf Club, Selkirk.
The Tyne Tees Trophy was played at Catterick Golf Club with 12 players representing Northumbria. Unfortunately there were no individual winners but the day was a success.
Friendlies were arranged against Lothian & Borders and Dumfries & Galloway.
The Regional Championships were held in September at Abbeydale Golf Club, South Yorkshire. 
PC Chris Thompson represented Northumbria in the English Police National Golf Championships in July this year, on 7th and 8th July 2019 at Wilmslow.
Teesside Golf Club was the location the PSUK Golf Team Championships Final.
Following the draw the morning matches saw Northumbria Police v Leicestershire Police and Gwent Police v Essex.
The morning scores ended as follows:
 Northumbria lost to Leicestershire 3/ ½ to 1 ½
Gwent beat Essex 3 to 2
So we moved into the Final and Shaw Trophy matches:
After a tight start and Leicestershire being mostly up at the halfway point the lower handicappers of Gwent shone through with a comprehensive 4 ½ to ½ win over the tired Leicestershire team, to win the Trophy for the 5th time.
 In the Shaw Trophy Essex ran out 3 to 2 winners over Northumbria.
Northumbria have a healthy squad of players who support the section and promote inter police sport.
There are two more friendlies to be arranged and the section goes from strength to strength. There is still a need to promote golf within the service and hopefully we will have even more success next season.

The Judo section is open to all Sports and Social Club members (including retired officers) of what ever ability.

Full details of current members of the Judo Section are held on RH JUDO on the police screens and training venues.

John Tierney can advise you of any training venues in your area if you do not have access to the help screen.

The Section attends the National Championships which are usually held in September throughout the country. There are also opportunities to represent the Police UK Squad in National and International competitions. There are training weekends opens to any member to attend and chances to be graded.

Chair - John Tierney


On the weekend of 8th March 5 Northumbria officers joined over 150 judo players at the Welsh  National Sports Centre in Cardiff.

The Northumbria Team joined The National Police Team, the full Welsh National Team and an international Judo team for Scandinavia.   The weekend included two fighting sessions and numerous technical sessions taken by ex-world champion Loretta Cusack.

The weekend was a great success with everyone developing their judo.


History of Section Northumbria Hockey Section was started in February 1997 at the Byker Police Club by the then young Alan Appleton, Andy McDaid, Sue Hewitson, Janice Hutton and Chris Jackson.

There is no selection process and we players of all ages, skills and experience. During the last eleven years, we have managed to win 2 national competitions and have received over 20 awards for teams and individuals in various national tournaments. We also frequently provide officials for umpiring at tournaments and matches.

The team has played all over the UK and abroad, at venues including Barcelona, Belfast, Edinburgh and Hull. We have strong links to the GB Peelers (Vets) team, who host many events which are open to our members. Funds allocated to the hockey section by the NPSSC are put towards tournament entrance fees, new kit purchases, affiliation and pitch fees and to assist members who enter GB trials with travel and accommodation expenses.

The section owns a full goal-keeping kit, which is available on loan to anyone who wishes to use it.


Chairperson: Sue Hewitson 8303

Secretary: Fran King 4305 – Tel. ext. 49139

Mens Captain: Andy McDaid 256 – Tel. ext. 68259

Ladies Captain: Janice Hutton 7074



From PC 2095 Caroline ‘Baz’ Rochester ( Baz representing Ladies British Police Team and her receiving the British Police player of the year award)

Hockey 8Hockey 9Hockey 10Hockey 11


Having the opportunity to network in an informal setting, meet people from departments I would never usually come across and then use these contacts for the benefit of the job and my own investigations. To have been given the opportunity to play for the British Police side with and against some very good players including against the England Masters, and the Wales Masters amongst others. One memory in particular is scoring a goal against England Masters, I play in defence and NEVER score goals so to be able to say that I scored that one (a reverse stick flick in the opposite corner top net too) will stay with me forever. To make friends from other forces throughout the country. To be awarded the British Police player of the year award. All memories and experiences that will stay with me forever and are worth more than anything that I can buy and worth so much more to me than the £4 a month I pay to the Sports and Social.


From PC 8288 Julie ‘Smoggy’ Hearl (Smoggy as part of the Toon Raiders team PSUK tournaments held in April and September and also Edinburgh tournament)

Hockey 1Hockey 3Hockey5


I only started playing hockey in 2017 after not playing since school (over 20 years ago), everyone was really welcoming and supportive and I have made lots of new friends. It has also improved my fitness levels and I have even joined a local hockey club. The trips away with the Police team are brilliant, well organised and the accommodation is always a very good standard which is funded by the sports and social.


From A/Chief Inspector 7350 David Carruthers (Dave as part of the British Police Team)


I was an original member of the section when formed in 1996 and have enjoyed many successful tournaments which has allowed me to make friends in the team and amongst other forces. Funding from the sports and social has greatly assisted with this, it has also allowed me to represent the force over the last 13 years in the British police hockey team. I hope to continue enjoying hockey and the comradery that comes with the sport despite the ageing limbs not carrying me with the same haste around the pitch!!


From PC 930 Anya Cox ( Anya as part of the Toon Raiders team at the PSUK tournaments held in April and September and also Edinburgh tournament)

 Hockey 2Hockey 3Hockey 4

I transferred to Northumbria Police from Police Scotland in 2017. I joined the sports and social as I wanted to continue playing hockey for the force. I can’t believe the amount of support the hockey team are given from the fund.  Without it, we would not be able to compete at the various tournaments throughout the calendar year.  I am also grateful for the backing I am given from my supervision to allow me to be part of such a great team, that have welcomed me from the offset.

 PSUK Ladies National Hockey Championships, hosted by West Midlands Police at Birmingham University.

The tournament was a round robin format. Northumbria Police constructed a team with Police Scotland, Cleveland and North Yorks.

 Despite only having 10 players on day one, the team secured the Plate, meaning they came third from seven teams.




Dates:for 2018


NITrek 28th April 2018

Teams results :
V23’s – 2nd
Clutching at straws – 4th

Individual :
13th Fraser Doherty
16th Ali Graves
17th Colin Crawford
18th Stu parkes
24th Keith Shannon
28th Dave Clark

Scot Trek 9th June 2018

Team results :
V23’s – 2nd
Clutching at straws – 4th

Individual :
1st – Russ Elliot
3rd – Fraser Doherty
8th – Keith Shannon
12th –Stu Parkes
13th - Martin Kaupa
18th – Colin Crawford


South Yorks Trek – 14th July 2018

Welsh Trek – 22nd September 2018.

For any information contact:

Keith Shannon cv 5337 at NCC or Stu Parkes cv 5992 Central Enquiry Clerk, Forth Banks Police Station .

Welsh trek

2nd – Northumbria - Clutching at straws – Stu Parkes , colin Crawford, an other.

3rd -  Northumbria -  V23’s – Keith Shannon, Fraser Doherty, David Clark

Best 3 scores over the year result for 2018.

1st – Greater Manchester

2nd – Northumbria – V23’s

3rd – Northumbria – Clutching at Straws