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22nd May 2018.
Six Riders from Northumbria Police Cycling Club (NPCC) headed to Durham to defend their victory at  last year's John Stoddard Emergency Services Support Race.
The race is held annually over the closed circuit of the streets of Durham City Centre prior to the OVO Energy Tour Series for the Pro riders.
Teams represented were Durham Police, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, North East Ambulance service, County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service and Northumbria Police.
The 1.4km circuit included a treacherous decent into a  sharp right hand bend  which leads directly to the cobbled climb up South Street.
Despite a valiant effort by all six and placing  four riders in the top eight NPCC were unable to retain the Cup which was won by a combined team of Durham and Darlington and Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue. 

Riders pictured right to left Matt Barnes, Wayne Brewis, Mick Aspey, Steve Heatley, Sian Salter and Paula Salter.


Andy Delaney   (Chair) 07736462578
Phil Jack          (Treasurer) 07736194132
Wayne Brewis (Secretary) 07736463922
Jon Caisley (Cyclocross) 07736193169

Northumbria Police eSports Section

The aim of the Northumbria Police eSports Section is to create leagues and hold competitions to allow members to compete as part of a team and as individuals. It also seeks to provide a basis for those interested in Massive Multiplayer On-line Games to play together. There will be no cost in taking part in any of the competitions or leagues and no prize money.
Members will use their own equipment and play from their own homes via the internet. Popular games include FIFA, Counter Strike, Rainbow 6 Siege, League of Legends, Overwatch and World of Warcraft. This is not an exhaustive list and all games are welcome.
Membership is open to all Northumbria Police Sports and Social Club members.
Should you wish to become a member of the eSports Section please email Inspector 7150 Andy Gimza with;
Your name, collar number and place of work
Which Game you play
Whether you play on PC, PlayStation or Xbox
Members will be given passwords to access relevant forums and communication software to facilitate the playing of leagues and competitions as well as to access results, announcements and news updates.

For more information contact Andy Gimza

Northumbria has historically always had a football team to be proud of, and our current team is no different.
Under the stewardship of Craig Cook and Sean Anderson we have two former players who have been part of the Force football team for years. Their tactical approach and infectious enthusiasm for the game has created renewed optimism and a belief that Northumbria can once again be regarded as the best team in the country.

In addition to the PSUK Cup (National Competition), we compete in the Regional Cup and also take part in community engagement events and tournaments.

With the full backing of Chief Constable Ashman and aided by Superintendent Brad Howe the team is mixed with youth and experience, and is going from strength to strength.

They are part sponsored by Newcastle Bespoke Financial

Newcastle Bespoke Financial offers a wide ranging variety of financial advice and services including a lucrative insurance package against injuries associated with sport.

The team boasts a high standard of players who have competed (or still competing) at Northern Alliance, and even professional levels.

The start of this season saw an injection of funds that has enabled the team to have a whole new kit that reflects the professionalism of the team and organisation as a whole.

The management are always looking for players who can maintain (and improve) current standards. If you would like to be involved, please contact the management team of:

PC 2782 Cook
PC 8105 Anderson
DC 2080 Home (Assistant Manager) CSO 4326 Cotterill (Assistant Manager)

PSUK Group game against North Yorkshire Police.

A very well earned, and hard fought 3-1 win in very difficult conditions, against a very strong opponent.



Northumbria played South Yorkshire in our second PSUK group game.

A game that could have gone either way, in a tight scrappy game.

Our goals coming from Martin Hopps and a last minute winner from Conor Towes.

That’s 2 wins out of 2 topping the group as it stands


Our game v Durham is confirmed for 8th November 2018 @ Nissan 7.30ko

fly fishing

This section is available to all members of the Northumbria Police Sport and Social Club be they Police officers or support staff.

Further information can be obtained from the Secretary.


Malcolm Naylor Dougie Johnston Nathan Crain
07867600755 07753606434 07984354810


Thursday 9th April 2020 Langley Dam   Boat/Bank.

Rivers event Date/location tbc.  Rory organiser

Tuesday 5th May 2020 Coldingham Loch   Boat/Bank 10:00 Start

Wednesday 13th Thursday 14 Friday 15th May 2020 Eyebrook (regionals)  bus booked

Friday 12th June 2020 Watendlath Bank/Boat    Mini Bus booked

Thursday 18th June 2020 Chatton   10:00 – 16:00

Wednesday 8th July 2020 Sweethope (Force Open) 10:00-16:00 meal and presentation Dyke Neuk

Thursday 16th July 2020 Kielder reservoir Alan Burrows Trophy 10:00- 16:00 meal presentation Anglers pub Kielder

Thursday 23rd July 2020 Thrunton Long Crag 10:00 Start

Friday 31st July 2020    Watch Water Mini bus booked.    Drink and fish n chips on journey home

Thursday 6th August 2020 Sharply Springs Geoff Hobson Trophy 14:00 Start

Thursday 20th August 2020 Langley Dam Eric Brunton memorial 14:00-20:00  Drink presentation cart bog

Friday 4th September 2020  Sweethope.  10:00 start

Thursday 24th September 2020 Belflask   Mini Bus booked

Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  October 2020 Menteith England V Scotland TBC

Wednesday 28th October 2020 Thrunton Long Crag 10:00 Start (End of season event)





                                             Durham Invitation, Forest Lane

Thursday 11th June 2020 was the first match of the year, due to the covid 19 lock down. This match was held on the Furlong Lake, Forest Lane, North Yorkshire, it’s a lake that both teams have fished previous years and had some good catches. If you draw the right peg, you are in for a good day catching Barbel.

The meet was at 08:00hrs, unfortunately due to the safe distance imposed and lots of restrictions, anglers could not meet as usual over a good cooked breakfast in the café. Instead it was meeting at the car park and once all anglers had arrived your allocated peg was drawn for you.

It was a fantastic turn out by both Northumbria and Durham teams, the whole lake was booked and each angler had plenty of room between each other’s pegs. The weather however was not on our side. During lock down it had been red hot with plenty of sunshine. On the day we suffered with very strong winds and rain, it was like fishing in March instead of mid June.   

At 09:00hrs the draw was made and all anglers headed to the pegs they had been allocated.

All in was sounded at 10:30hrs, due to the strong winds a lot of anglers went for the feeder rods or fished at 6mtrs. Only the brave went to 12mtrs, this paid off as fish started to be caught straight away. The difficulty was holding the pole and keeping the presentation of the bait still.

During the afternoon the wind got stronger and it was near impossible to hold the pole at 12mtrs, so it was time to fish the inside line and down the edge. This was also instant for some, plenty of small barbell to be caught at the bottom of the inside shelf, the bigger carp were sat in 18” of water close to the very edge.  Paul Hutchinson landed a nice 4lb tench then went on to catch 3 nice carp,

At 16:30hrs the match ended, due to the 2mtr social distance, anglers couldn’t walk to other pegs and watch the fish being weighed. Staff member came to each person and weighed the fish, this was then recorded:

1st Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 60lb 8oz

2nd Graham Colclough (Durham) 56lb 10oz

3rd Rob Smith 55lb 4oz

Great match in hard conditions, every person that attended caught fish. 

Next match will be held at Braferton, North Yorkshire 25/05/2020.

Thursday 25th June 2020
The second match of the season took place at the Match Lake at Brafferton Lakes. Because of the covid 19 restrictions social distancing was adhered to at all time. The draw for pegs was made at 9am and all anglers made their way to the allocated pegs. The lake owner had given us the full lake of 72 pegs so there was more than enough room between the anglers.
Paul Hunton from Cleveland police is a venue expert and when he drew peg 13 everyone thought they were fishing for second place.
The match started at 1030am in what could only be described as tropical conditions, bright sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. The temperature was forecast to reach 29 degrees. Not the best conditions for fishing.
When the match got underway it was clear it was going to be a tough day. Large carp could be seen cruising up and down the lake, enjoying the sunshine but not wanting to feed.
Dave Brown (Northumbria) and Rob Smith had chosen to fish pellets shallow and this proved to be a good decision with both anglers catching steadily. At the halfway point in the match both were admitting to around 40lbs each. 
Both continued to catch fish but Dave began to push ahead catching a bigger stamp of fish.
At the weigh in Dave was a comfortable winner putting 99lbs 12oz on the scales to Robs 60lbs 13ozs.
Third was Roy McLean (Durham) 47lbs and fourth was Paul Hutchinson (Nortumbria) with 19lbs 2oz.
Next match is the Vic McLean memorial match at Furlong Lake, forest Lane Lakes on Thursday 23rd July 20..

The Third match of the season was the Vic McClean Memorial match this took place Thursday 23rd July, at Forest Lane, Alne, York, Northumbria could fish this but only a Durham Angler could win the trophy.

 The lake had been changed at the last minute from ‘The Furlong’ to ‘The Oaklands’,

due to a large match being fished on the Furlong the day before. The owner stated it

would not fish as well.

 Because of the covid 19 restrictions social distancing was adhered to at all time. The draw for pegs was made at 9am and all anglers made their way to the allocated pegs. The weather was again not on our side stating heavy showers forecast throughout the day.

The match started at 1030am as the “All In” was shouted the expected rain started. Some anglers started fishing close in, others went for the rod and fished either the feeder or the float, only the brave went for the 13mtr line on the pole.

After a short while fish were starting to get caught, Kenny Kitching (Durham)  started on the feeder close in and was catching some large carp, he even managed to catch a lost pole top kit that had been in the lake for a while.

Throughout the day the rain never stopped in fact it got so heavy at some times it was hard to see the float. Thankfully the wind was only light.

At 16:30 “Time” was shouted, the match was over, trying to pack up in the heavy rain was a task in its self and you wouldn’t think it was the middle of July. Eddy the owner of the complex came with his scales to do the weigh in. Every angler caught and all had double figures. 

1st: Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 82lb 10oz

 2nd Roy McClean (Durham) 80lb 12oz

3rd Kenny Kitching (Durham) 65lb 7oz

4th Graham Colclough (Durham) 59lb 2oz

Well done to Roy McClean winning vic McClean memorial for the second year running.

The fourth match that should have been held on The Don, Forest Lane and hosted by Durham on Thursday 13th August Unfortunately at short notice this had been cancelled. Some frantic calls were made to local fishery owners; Team Northumbria was pleased to secure the F1 Lake, at Brafferton, North Yorkshire.

 The days before Thursday 13th the weather was not great for fishing, bright sunshine, no wind and temperature reaching 30c by mid afternoon. Thankfully the day of the match it was forecast for cloudy conditions and 10mph wind. With the full lake booked there were plenty of spaces between anglers. Covis 19 restrictions social distance was adhered to at all times. The draw was made by one person who entered all peg numbers in a hat, shouted the anglers name and then pulled out the peg he was allocated. The angler then made his way to his allocated platform.  

The match started at 12:00hrs with the usual shout “All in,” most people went straight onto the pole fishing approx 10mtrs out, Vince King (Northumbria) had a good corner peg with the wind blowing into his direction, he went straight onto the feeder rod, but found it difficult to locate the fish.  After the first few hours it was only the odd fish being caught, some catching from the deep parts of the lake , some went on to the shallow rigs and tried to sneak a few from the surface, nothing was consistent.  Approx 16:00hrs the fish switched on and the better stamp of fish was now being caught and placed the keep nets. Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) started feeding heavy in the margins, this paid off as every time his rig was lowered over the ground bait, the float buried and a large carp had been captured.

At 18:00hrs “Time” was shouted and that was the end of another match, for once the weather stayed warm and dry and packing up in the dry conditions was a rare thing at matches this year. The scales went to each angler and it was surprising how close the results had been, some missing out by a few ounces.

1st Paul Hutchinson 89lb 6oz

2nd Paul Hunton (Cleveland) 66lb 8oz

3rd Vince King 66lb

4th Boyd Weddle 65lb 6oz.

Next matches will be the Westwood festival Lincolnshire early September.


Westwood Lakes Festival 2020

This year the event took place form Monday 7th September until Friday 11th September 2020 at the fabulous Westwood Lakes complex near Boston in Lincolnshire. Anglers travelled from all over the country and booked into their lodges on the Monday late afternoon. This year was a little different due to the covid 19 pandemic, instead of the usual four matches, this had been reduced to three, fishing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The draw took place on the evening before the match the next day; this made it easier for anglers to attend their peg the next morning. The weather for the 3 days was supposed to be very nice with sunshine and little wind, for once we were going to have three matches with no rain.

Swallow Lake,8th September  

This lake was just outside our lodges, so made it very easy for walking to the allocated pegs and setting up. Anglers had only fished this lake once before, so the tactics to be used was going to be hit or miss. Plenty of advice was obtained from the complex tackle shop, this resulted in lots of maggots purchased. Some areas of the lake had the wind blowing across the swims and other people were so sheltered next to no wind.

“All in” was sounded at 10:30, some anglers went straight on the method feeder and others stuck to the pole, but only fishing 5mters in front or down the edge. Fish started being caught, as the afternoon went on, Vince King (Northumbria) had so many fish at his feet he was just dropping his method feeder in front of him and was getting carp instantly. At 15:30hrs “Time” was called, that was the end of the first match, the weather stayed warm sunny but a little breezy, some anglers explained they took the advice from the tackle shop and went through 9 pints of maggots, at nearly £3:00 a pint that was an expensive match. To keep safe and follow the covid 19 rules, only one person walked the scales around and another aglerfollowed with the result sheet, but keeping the distance, first year other anglers were not allowed to follow the scales and see the results.

1st Robert Smith (Westwood Lake) 139lb 06oz

2nd Roy McClean (Durham) 127lb 15oz,

3rd Vince King (Northumbria) 122lb 06oz

4th Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 113lb 09oz

Skylark Lake, 9th September 

All anglers know this lake well as this lake has been fished every year. The draw was made the night before so anglers drifted to their allocated pegs first thing in the morning and started setting up the tackle. Again some people decided to stick with the method feeder, most set up the pole. The weather again was forecast sunny with a light breeze blowing up the lake.

“All in” was sounded at 10:30hrs, within seconds’ people was seen fighting fish and dropping their catch in the keepnets. As the day went on the fish started to move into the margins, but these fish are wise, if you don’t have the right bait they will knock your line out of the way and gill feed the free bait that’s been put in. it becomes frustrating when big double figure carp are seen in the edge but will not take the bait offered.

“Time” was called at 15:30hrs and the same chat was heard up and down the bank, how many fish had been lost. Same rules applied one person weighing and one recording.

1st Kenny Kitchen (Durham) 96lb 13oz

2nd Graham Colclough (Durham) 82lb 10oz

3rd Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 79lb 13oz

4thVince King (Northumbria) 75lb 1oz 

Well done to Kenny and Graham both fished the method feeder all day

Hawk Lake, 10th September

This was the final match of the festival, and the points and weights were very close, the draw again was made the previous night, anglers started to arrive at their allocated pegs just after 8am, this gave plenty of time to get the bait to be used mixed and sorted to perfection and all rigs and rods ready. The weather again was perfect sunshine and very light breeze, looking around the bank at some anglers it was clear to see there had been some sunburnt heads and arms the day before.

This is a favourite lake for some people, it has a good stock of carp and barbelThe two flier pegs had gone to Kenny Kitchen (peg 1), Gordon Parking (Northumbria) drew peg 20. So the pressure was on with the points being so close.

10:30hrs “all in” was sounded, it was a slightly slower start due to the night before being very cold, after short while with bait trickling in the fish soon started to be caught. Due to the success Kenny and Graham had on Skylark, they stuck with the method feeder, most other people went onto the short pole down the edge or 8mtres to the middle of the deeper track.

15:30hrs “Time” was shouted, that was it, no more matches and the weight from this match would give the overall results. Weighing in and recording was done again by the same two as previous matches.

1st Paul Hutchinson 135lb 10oz

2nd Vice King 131lb 06oz

3rd Roy McClean 127lb 04oz

4th Robert Smith 118lb 13oz

The sheets were then taken back to the lodge and calculated to find out who was the overall winner. Due to Covid 19 and the rulings there was no presentation night.

Final results to end the 2020 festival:

1st Paul Hutchinson with 8 points and a total weight of 329lb

2nd Vince King with 9 points 328lb 13oz 

3rd Robert Smith 10 points 322lb 14oz

4th Roy McClean 13 points  309lb 4oz

Northumbria again win first and second place, Paul Hutchinson retains his championship from last year, but congratulations to Vince, fished superb on all three matches and was only ounces from taking top spot.  

Durham Invitation, Brafferton Fishery, North Yorkshire.

On Thursday 24th September 2020 this was the last match of the season, it was held on the F1 Lake at Brafferton.  The weather the day before was torrential rain and same was forecast for the Thursday.

However this did not put the many brave anglers off, yet another good turn out and even a new face, Retired Northumbria D/Sgt Ian Nicholson. Due to covid 19 and the rulings, all social distance was adhered to and the draw was taken place by one angler with social distance kept at all times.

The draw was made at 08:30hrs, the weather at this time was dry but very thick cloud. As people unpacked their vehicles, the owner of the complex arrived and stated it had been fishing very hard, the last match was won with only 11lb. so we thought we were in for a difficult day. 

10:30hrs the “All in “was sounded and at the same time the rain also started coming down. Within seconds of the line hitting the water, Roy McClean (Durham) fishing his method feeder rod, hit into a nice double figure carp. Other people around the lake struggled.  Approx 11:30hrs the rain had stopped and the sun came out, this helped the fishing and fish were now being caught by all anglers. Roy changed to the pole and found the carp were just in front of him, he spent most of his time fishing shallow and landing carp up to 3lb every put in. 

16:00hrs “Time” was called and that was the end of the last match, Ian Nicholson had just started fishing and was telling other anglers he caught his carp on hot dog sausages,  it worked for him and he caught some nice fish. Again due to the covid ruling, only one person went round with the scales and one to write the results down  

1st Roy McClean (Durham) 110lb 14oz 

2nd Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 62lb 13oz

3rd Ian Nicholson (Northumbria) 39lb 12 oz 

4th Boyd Weddle (Northumbria) 30lb9oz

Well done to Roy for the outstanding weight, the most fish caught would have gone to Boyd, as he had hundreds of small roach which kept him busy throughout the match.