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Northumbria Police Sports

& Social Club Ltd (NPSSC)


The Judo section is open to all Sports and Social Club members (including retired officers) of what ever ability.

Full details of current members of the Judo Section are held on RH JUDO on the police screens and training venues.

John Tierney can advise you of any training venues in your area if you do not have access to the help screen.

The Section attends the National Championships which are usually held in September throughout the country. There are also opportunities to represent the Police UK Squad in National and International competitions. There are training weekends opens to any member to attend and chances to be graded.

Chair - John Tierney john.tierney.484@northumbria.pnn.police.uk
Treasurer / Secretary - Judy Willis judy.willis.4756@northumbria.pnn.police.uk

PSUK National Championships 2018

On the weekend of 14th September four Northumbria Officers travelled to the PSUK National Judo Championships in Cheshire. Pc Luke Van-Zwanenberg (Firearms) , Pc Sid Mukhtar (Traffic), Pc Andy Hutchinson (RWD) and Sgt Warren Cooper (FCU Northern) .

Each officer had at least eight fights lasting up to 5 minutes. After a hard days fighting the team attained the following results.

Fighting in his first PSUK event Pc Van-Zwanenberg was only beaten once all day resulting in a fine silver medal. Luke (who is orange belt) has a fantastic win over an experience black belt on his way to his medal.

Pc Sid Mukhtar (Traffic) added to his impressive 4 PSUK medals with another silver. Sid was only beaten once by Darren Dean an Ex Senior GB International and previous full time judo athlete. A very impressive days judo by Sid.

Pc Andy Hutch (RWD) battled his way to a great bronze medal against some of the most senior players on the PSUK team. In addition this weekend (13th Oct) Andy has just taken a medal in the GB National Veterans competition representing The Kodokwai Judo Club (South Shields)

Unfortunately Sgt Warren Cooper just missed out on a medal, fighting some of the biggest most experienced competitors in the event. Outside of fighting Warren has just been awarded his level two coaching qualification and is part of the coaching staff at The Terminus Judo club (North Shields)

The Northumbria Officers were later presented with their respective medals by the CC of Cheshire Police, Janette McCormick.

The team are now preparing to compete against two International teams, from Denmark and Sweden, who are visiting the UK early 2019.