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Fresh Water Fishing

Northumbria police Invitational Fishing Match

Thursday 28th March 2019

The first match of the 2019 season was held on The Match Lake at Brafferton Lakes, North Yorkshire. There was a good turnout with anglers from three forces (Durham, Cleveland and Northumbria) in attendance.

The weather gods were kind and it was reasonably warm with only a slight breeze. It was decided at the draw that this would be a 6hr match instead of the usual 5hrs.

The match started at 11am and the fishing was slow with just an occasional fish being caught. It soon became clear that two anglers were catching well.

Dave Watson (Cleveland) on peg 5 was fishing at 6 metres and also down in the margins, using pellet and sweetcorn he caught carp up to 6lbs

Graham Lowery on peg 45 was fishing long into the margins to his left and using sweetcorn caught carp up to 10lbs in weight.

As the day wore on the carp began to feed and everyone around the lake began to catch.

Some excellent weights were recorded.

1st Graham Lowery (Cleveland)                  134lbs

2nd Dave Watson (Cleveland)                     124lbs 8oz

3rd Julian Brown (Durham)                         98lbs

4th Ken Jackson                                          87lbs

5th Kevin Hood (Northumbria)                    84lbs

6th Paul Hunton (Durham)                          81lbs

7th Dave Brown (Northumbria)                   79lbs

8th Boyd Weddell (Northumbria)                69lbs

Well done to all concerned.

Durham Invitation, Brafferton Fishery

On Wednesday 10th April 2019 at 08:30hrs was the planned meet for the F1 match lake at the complex known as Brafferton Fishery, Nort Yorkshire.

Anglers from both teams are well aware of the venue, as all have had some very good weights on previous meetings. A fantastic turn out again from both teams, the weather was very cold with thick frost on the fields. The forecast was a very light breeze, sunny spells but temperature still below average for the time of year.

The draw was made, anglers started to unpack their vehicles and head to the allocated pegs and start setting up the required rigs. At 10:30hrs the “All in” was sounded, some anglers caught small F1 carp from the off, this was in the deeper waters, others, at the shallow end of the lake could not get a bite. As the day went on it was apparent the hard frost from the night before had put the fish back into winter mode and the bites were very hard to come. As the sun warmed the lake a few degrees the shallow end started to fish and the odd carp was now being caught.

At 16:30hrs “Time” was called and the end of a very hard match, although everyone caught, some had to result in picking up small gudgeon and roach. The top end of the lake (shallow) only came into play towards the last two hours, making the winning weight from this end.

Final result:

1st Paul Hunton (Cleveland) 23lb 9oz

2nd Julian Brown (Durham) 23lb 5oz

3rd Boyd weddle (Northumbria) 15lb 9oz

Well done to Boyd, showing the rest of Northumbria lads how to do it.

Next match will be again at Brafferton on Thursday 9th May 2019.



The section organises competitions with a view to identifying those who will take part and represent Northumbria Police in both the Regional and National Fishing Championships.

The majority of matches are fished against Durham, Cleveland, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Humberside, and more often than not are fished on well established fishing venues such as Woodlands, Thirsk and Lindholme Fisheries.

The section has 34 members of which only 15 or so are regular attenders.  Like most of the other sections at this time the majority of members are retired officers and I would estimate that these account for about 70% of the current membership.