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Fresh Water Fishing

Durham Invitational, Forest Lane Fishery

Thursday 19th April 2018 was the first match of the new season, held at Forest Lane fishery, Alne, near York.
The planned meet was at 08:00hrs and as usual, the breakfast served at this place is second to none, so it would be rude not to take part.
It was a fantastic turn out from both Durham and Northumbria lads. After a good chat and working out the tactics for the day, it was time to draw the pegs. This is when we were hit with the bad news, the lake we had booked (The Don) was not going to be our lake for the day, and instead we had a lake known as The Furlong. This meant different tactics and different bait.
The weather was fantastic with a nice 24c and not a cloud in the sky, usually our first match it throws it down with snow and high winds. So no one was complaining about this match. The draw was made and everyone raced to the cars to get to the pegs, as this lake is the furthest lake in the complex.
The 'All In' was sounded at 10:30hrs and with not a breath of wind on the lake it was going to be a hard match. Most people fished the pole, at 13.5 metres with a feeder rod at the ready. The main bait for the day was maggot. Due to the layout of this lake it was hard to see anglers further up the lake so no one knew how people were getting on, a few sneaky large carp were caught and trying to keep it quiet from other anglers was also an added bonus as the next angler couldn't guess what weight was being put in the keep nets. Most fish caught had been Barbell and small chub, with the odd carp showing in certain pegs.
At 17:00hrs the match came to an end and the people that didn't put on the factor 50 sunscreen were now looking like tomatoes.
Member of staff came to weight the nets, everyone caught fish and had a very good day for their first match of the year, the final result:
1st Graham Colclough (Durham) 26lb 70z
2nd Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 23lb 12oz
3rd Paul Hutton (Durham) 23lb 6oz

Next match will be a PSUK match at Sessay, North Yorkshire, held on 14th May 2018.

The section organises competitions with a view to identifying those who will take part and represent Northumbria Police in both the Regional and National Fishing Championships.

The majority of matches are fished against Durham, Cleveland, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Humberside, and more often than not are fished on well established fishing venues such as Woodlands, Thirsk and Lindholme Fisheries.

The section has 34 members of which only 15 or so are regular attenders.  Like most of the other sections at this time the majority of members are retired officers and I would estimate that these account for about 70% of the current membership.