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Northumbria Police Sports

& Social Club Ltd (NPSSC)

The section organises competitions with a view to identifying those who will take part and represent Northumbria Police in both the Regional and National Fishing Championships.

The majority of matches are fished against Durham, Cleveland, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Humberside, and more often than not are fished on well established fishing venues such as Woodlands, Thirsk and Lindholme Fisheries.

The section has 34 members of which only 15 or so are regular attenders.  Like most of the other sections at this time the majority of members are retired officers and I would estimate that these account for about 70% of the current membership.

The section has in the past had some fair success in both the Regional and National Championships with the Force winning the Regional Team Championships on 2 occasions and the Regional Individual Championships on 1 occasion. 
In 1992 DC Dave Brown beat 240 individuals to win The National Police Championships on the Warwickshire Avon with 40lb 1oz of Chub.  The team also achieved their best ever position finishing 6th out of 40 teams. 
The 2008 National Championships were staged at Heronbrook Fisheries in Staffordshire where the team had some limited success, those worthy of mention being Gordon Parkin (retired) who was 4th in his section, Boyd Weddell (retired) who was 6th in his section, and DC Dave Brown who was 7th in his section and 11th overall.

A full fixture list is currently being prepared in conjunction with the other forces listed and will be published when known.

Chairman Richard Milestone (Retired)
Secretary David Brown (6081)
Treasurer Steve Holmes (Retired)

Main point of contact is David Brown.

PSUK Inter Service 2018

On Monday 14th May 2018, Northumbria Police Freshwater section put a team of four anglers into this competition. with  27 teams entering from all over the country including Royal Navy, Army, Air Force , Prison service Fire service and many police services. This was held on a complex at Sessay, known as The Oaks.

Due to a more then average amount of teams being selected instead of being over three lakes, for the first time it was held over Four, these being, Sycamore, Beech, Ash and two sections on Cedar.

The weather was not the standard, rain/sleet high winds, but a very pleasant blue skies bright sun shine and very light wind. (good to get a tan but not too good for the fishing). as usual all teams mustard at the complex cafe, some participated in a cooked breakfast but others had already had food before leaving their hotels/guest houses.

The draw was made at 09:00hrs with each team captain selecting an envelope, Paul Hutchinson was team Captain for Northumbria and selected envelope number 19 giving 2 pegs on Cedar, 1 on Sycamore and 1 on Beech.

'All in' was sounded by means of a air horn at 11:00hrs. most people went straight out on the pole,  Paul Hutchinson went out on the small feeder and within 15 minutes had 3 small carp, this lead to others on the same lake (sycamore) also trying their hand on the feeder. due to the amount of anglers and bait going in, it wasn't long before the fishing became hard and the odd fish had to be caught using different tactics.

16:00hrs the air horn sounded and time was up, every angler caught fish, some had a great day others had to try very hard to catch what they could. when talking with other anglers it was amazing that it was different baits all around the lakes, some stuck with maggots some went on pellet only and others tried different meats. a member of staff from the complex came to each peg and weighed the fish that had been caught, this was recorded and the final results were:

1st Army (black team) 351lb 6 oz

2nd West Midlands Police 337lb 11oz

3rd PSNI (red team) 269lb 9oz

4th RAF 259lb 6oz

well done to the PSNI team as they very rarely fish this sort of complex.

Durham invitation, Forest Lane.

Thursday 14th June 2018 was the second match in the Durham match list for 2018.

This was held at Forest Lane, Alne, on the lake known as the Furlong. It is a lake well known by some of the anglers as we fished this in April. However this match was more of a challenge.

As you may have remembered the date was the day of storm HECTOR, with gusts of winds to be 70mph expected. Brave anglers turned up, yet again a fantastic show from both teams.

We had all met in the cafe and enjoyed a good cooked breakfast, some anglers were a little delayed due to the weather. After breakfast a few went for a walk around the lake nearest the cafe, lake DON. This no longer looked like a peaceful lake but more like the South Atlantic, with waves breaking and washing over the permanent pegs as this was covered with trees for at least some shelter, we were not looking forward to visiting the Furlong, this had no shelter.

The draw was made and all anglers headed to the pegs they had picked.

We arrived to the open space of the Furlong, it was worse than the South Atlantic,  so all plans to get the 14mtr pole out and reach the far bank was a definite 'NO', most people had resulted to setting up a feeder rod only, some of the brave set up a pole to 5mtr as this could be managed.

At 10:30hrs the 'All In' was shouted, but due to the wind it was hold on to your gear and hope for the best. People started catching fish on the off but fully admitted not seeing the bite due to the wind and just reeled in, with a bonus fish on the hook.

During the afternoon the wind dropped off a little and the poles came out, but still not to the far bank, but to the middle approx 7mtr. The fish had then became active and everyone was catching, although the odd gust of wind caught some out it was still manageable. Steve Holmes (Northumbria) was into a nice fish, this caught him of guard, with the help of the wind he managed to fall in, he still landed the fish, (that was the good news) but then as he went to ship his pole out he noticed a large piece missing, yes he had fell onto his pole and this was the end of that style of fishing for him.

At 17:00hrs the match ended, some were glad as every angler looked like they had been through a hurricane, plenty of little bits of gear like bait tubs had been lost, due to being blown away, Steve lost his pole but the saddest and most expensive loss, was Julian Brown (Durham) a tree had fell on his lovely new BMW estate, this had to be recovered from the complex as it was no longer fit to drive.

Eddie, staff from the complex weighed the nets and some had a fantastic day, some were glad just to get through the day without losing anything, the final result:

1st Julian Brown (Durham) 118lb 2oz

2nd Paul Hunton (Durham) 77lb 10oz

3rd Ray Westgarth (Northumbria) 53lb 4oz

well done to Ray fished a excellent match in very poor conditions.

Next match will be held at a new complex at Brafferton, on Sunday 22nd July 2018.

Durham Invitation, Brafferton Fishery, 

This match was held on Sunday 22nd July 2018 at a complex in Brafferton, North Yorkshire. The lake that was fished was called 'F1 Lake' , this is a match only lake and we had pegs 20 -46.

A very good turn out from anglers from both teams, most had never fished this fishery, apart from Julian and Paul (both Durham lads), they had fished a match only a week previous to this match and reported fantastic weights, Julian had 197lb, came first with Paul weighing 104lb and didn't get in the top 5. The news and tactics were passed to all the Northumbria anglers and were looking forward to getting to their pegs. Some anglers spending most of the previous day tying new rigs and full array of hooks tied just for this day.

All anglers arrived at the complex for the 10am meet and the draw was made, we were so used to fishing in heavy rain or high winds, today was an exception, it was one of the hottest days of the year, there was no cover from the hot sun and not a breath of wind.

Everyone was pleased with the pegs they had drawn, the only downfall the complex was full with another two matches on the same lake, this would cause the fishing to be hard. On arrival at the pegs it was a nice site to see large carp cruising around on the surface.

At 12:00 the 'All IN' was sounded, some went straight onto the method feeder, some short pole and others went to the far island at 13 meters. The fish that had been cruising around, were still there but was not interested in any bait that was put in front of them, they knocked it out of the way and carried on cruising in the sun. It was a very slow start with only the odd fish being caught. as the day went on a few more fish were falling to the hook but no one was bagging up.

'TIME' was sounded at 18:00hrs, some people had already packed up, due to the heat and how poor the fishing had been. the scales arrived at the pegs and the final result was recorded as:

1st Paul Hunton (Durham) 55lb

2nd Graham Colclough (Durham) 50lb 12oz

3rd Vince King (Northumbria) 37lb 8oz

4th Ian Davison (Northumbria) 26lb 13oz

Next match to be held at Forest Lane on 23rd August 2018.