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Fresh Water Fishing

The section organises competitions with a view to identifying those who will take part and represent Northumbria Police in both the Regional and National Fishing Championships.

The majority of matches are fished against Durham, Cleveland, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Humberside, and more often than not are fished on well established fishing venues such as Woodlands, Thirsk and Lindholme Fisheries.

The section has 34 members of which only 15 or so are regular attenders.  Like most of the other sections at this time the majority of members are retired officers and I would estimate that these account for about 70% of the current membership.

Durham Invitational, Forest Lane Fishery

Thursday 19th April 2018 was the first match of the new season, held at Forest Lane fishery, Alne, near York.
The planned meet was at 08:00hrs and as usual, the breakfast served at this place is second to none, so it would be rude not to take part.
It was a fantastic turn out from both Durham and Northumbria lads. After a good chat and working out the tactics for the day, it was time to draw the pegs. This is when we were hit with the bad news, the lake we had booked (The Don) was not going to be our lake for the day, and instead we had a lake known as The Furlong. This meant different tactics and different bait.
The weather was fantastic with a nice 24c and not a cloud in the sky, usually our first match it throws it down with snow and high winds. So no one was complaining about this match. The draw was made and everyone raced to the cars to get to the pegs, as this lake is the furthest lake in the complex.
The 'All In' was sounded at 10:30hrs and with not a breath of wind on the lake it was going to be a hard match. Most people fished the pole, at 13.5 metres with a feeder rod at the ready. The main bait for the day was maggot. Due to the layout of this lake it was hard to see anglers further up the lake so no one knew how people were getting on, a few sneaky large carp were caught and trying to keep it quiet from other anglers was also an added bonus as the next angler couldn't guess what weight was being put in the keep nets. Most fish caught had been Barbell and small chub, with the odd carp showing in certain pegs.
At 17:00hrs the match came to an end and the people that didn't put on the factor 50 sunscreen were now looking like tomatoes.
Member of staff came to weight the nets, everyone caught fish and had a very good day for their first match of the year, the final result:
1st Graham Colclough (Durham) 26lb 70z
2nd Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 23lb 12oz
3rd Paul Hutton (Durham) 23lb 6oz

Next match will be a PSUK match at Sessay, North Yorkshire, held on 14th May 2018.

2018 Police Individual Freshwater Fishing Championships

This year’s event was to take place on Phase three of Makins Lakes a large fishing complex near Nuneaton in Leicestershire.
Two anglers from Northumbria Police had qualified to fish the event, these being Dave Brown and Paul Hutchinson. In total 65 anglers were competing in this prestigious event. Anglers had been practicing hard in the days leading up to the match and it was clear that it was going to be tough and that some anglers may struggle to catch anything at all. To make it even harder the owners of the complex had organised a large match on the complex the day before the championships.
On the day of the match the weather was kind with the overnight rain stopping before competitors had even made the draw. As Paul Hutchinson normally draws well it was decided that he would draw pegs for both himself and Dave Brown.
Paul picked peg 16 on Derwent Lake for himself and peg 9 on Avon Lake for Dave. Both were initially pleased with the selection when they arrived at their pegs.

Below is a picture of Dave's peg


When the match started Dave caught a small carp first put in. He continued catching odd fish during the course of the match. Paul and the anglers pegged either side of him struggled to catch and remained biteless for the whole of the match.

The low winning weights reflected just how hard it had fished.

1st Graeme Aggar 78lb 14oz

2nd Michael Sanders 73lb

3rd Ian Jones 62lb 10oz

4th Richard Harrison 53lb 14oz

Dave weighed in 23lb 12oz for second in his section and a top fifteen finish

Durham Invitation Forest Lane Fishery

This was the 5th match of the season and was held on Thursday 23rd August 2018, the venue was again Forest Lane, Alne near York. We were supposed to fish 'The DON', start time was to be 12:00 finishing at 18:00hrs.
However to have a good breakfast from the cafe anglers arrived early, Paul Hutchinson was first to arrive and spoke with the owner Kate, she stated she had forgot the lake was booked for our match after a few phone calls we were moved to a lake called 'The OAKLANDS' . As anglers turned up this was disappointing news due to the fact tactics and different bait was all prepared. The usual high standard of cooked food and an excellent turn out from both Northumbria and Durham the mistake was soon forgotten and at 10:00hrs the draw was made.
all anglers drove off to their pegs and started to set up, the weather was a little windy and rain was forecast. 11:30hrs everyone was ready and the "All In" was called. Within 5 seconds Paul Hutchinson had a fish on, this was as he dropped his line between the keepnets and was filling his pole pot, but he wasn't complaining, with a fish quietly slipped into his keepnet, Dave Brown didn’t miss this and the usual banter then started.
Anglers started to catch fish all over the lake but not at a steady rate. The temperature dropped and the rain started, this was just a short shower and we were hoping the rain would blow away until the end of the match. Some anglers were finding it difficult to keep the fish in their swim and catch constantly, so a different approach was needed, this helped towards the end of the match with two anglers, Dave Brown and Paul Hunton, after they had changed bait and rigs they were both into fish every time they put their line in the water. It left other anglers close by, scratching their heads wondering what rig they had adopted.
Approx 17:30hrs the rain arrived and everyone and tackle got soaked, some anglers decided to pack up a little early but others was hoping for that last bonus fish.
As the clock struck 18:00 'Time' was called and that was the end of another close match, everyone caught, some better than others, with different set ups and arrangements of bait it was all down to the scales, the final results were recorded as:
1st. Dave brown (Northumbria) 68lb 5oz
2nd. Paul Hunton (Durham) 65lb 8oz
3rd. Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 62lb 8oz
Last person was still in double figures, so a good day by all anglers apart from the rain at the end.

Brafferton F1 Match Lake

Sunday 9th September 2018 saw anglers gather on the banks of the F1 Match Lake at Brafferton, North Yorkshire for the latest Durham Invitational fishing match. Expectations were high and the weather forecast was good. Unbeknown to the waiting anglers there had been a match fished the previous day when almost all the pegs were used. When this happens it normally means that the fish switch off and are very hard to catch. This proved to be the point today.

Graham Colclough from Durham Police fished his usual method of small red boilee fished tight to the island to win with 20lb 4oz. Second was fellow Durham angler Roy McClean who weighed 13lb 12oz just pipping Ian Davidson from Northumbria who weighed 13lb 5oz.

A far cry from the weights that were expected with some anglers who had practiced midweek reporting catches of 150lb plus but that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching

Steve landing one of the few carp caught


                                                     Westwood Lakes Festival 2018

This year’s Westwood Lakes Festival had been eagerly anticipated and those attending had been feverishly preparing rigs and tying hooklengths. Northumbria’s finest had been joined this year by colleagues from Durham police and from Cleveland. This promised to be a good weeks angling with colleagues from all over the United Kingdom looking to show off their fishing prowess.

Monday 24th September 2018            Osprey Lake

Conditions at Westwood Lakes were to prove challenging this week. The water table for Lincolnshire as a whole was down by at least a foot due to the hot summer weather. This had the effect of dropping the water levels in all of the lakes by at least a foot. Osprey Lake was normally a prolific lake but had been adversely affected by the drop in water and also by the drop in temperature. Paul Hunton (Cleveland) didn’t let the conditions affect him and fished a magnificent match. Fishing groundbait and maggot in the margins he caught 83lbs 4oz. In second place was Julian Brown (Durham) with 56lb 12oz. In third place was Vince King (Northumbria) with 44lb. This was an excellent performance from one of Northumbria’s senior members and capped of what has been a great season by him so far.


Osprey Lake in all its glory

Tuesday 25th September 2018            Skylark Lake

Despite the drop in water levels and the overnight frost all of the anglers gathered early for the draw with everyone hoping that end peg 1 would stick to their hand. This was the favoured peg but whoever drew this still had to catch and land the fish. The lucky angler on this occasion was Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria). Paul fished an excellent match and caught fish from the off. He kept the fish coming by rotating swims to catch a back breaking 79lb 12oz which was good enough for first place on the day. Second place went to another of Northumbria’s old guard Gordon Parkin with 66lb 9oz. In third place was Dave Brown (Northumbria) 44lb 11oz.


A picturesque Skylark Lake.

After day two the individual standings were as follows;

1)      Paul Hunton 6pts

2)      Paul Hutchinson 7pts

3)      Rob Smith 8pts

4)      = Dave Brown and Julian Brown 10pts

Wednesday 26th September 2018             Hawk Lake

Bright sunshine and a warm autumnal day greeted the anglers at the draw. Everyone had their fingers crossed that they would draw one of the two fliers on the lake namely pegs 1 and 20. The lucky anglers to draw these were Rob Smith peg 20(Westwood Lakes) and Boyd Weddell peg 1 (Northumbria). The festival leader Paul Hunton had drawn unfancied peg 10 at the shallower end of the lake. Every angler was into fish from the start of the match and it seemed that some good weights were on the cards. After a quiet start by his standard the festival leader Paul Hunton (Cleveland) showed his class. Fishing banded hard pellet and rotating swims he landed an all carp bag of 127lbs for first place. Dave Brown (Northumbria) was second with 77lb 10oz of mainly barbell. In third place was Paul Hutchinson with 68lb 8oz. The lake had fished well with numerous anglers recording weight in the 40’s and 50’s lbs.

After day three the individual standings were as follows;

1)      Paul Hunton 7pts

2)      Paul Hutchinson 10pts

3)      Dave Brown 12pts

4)      Rob Smith 15pts

5)      Julian Brown 16pts

Course Hawk

Anglers in action on Hawk Lake

Thursday 27th September 2018                   Falcon Lake

The draw for the final day was a tense affair with everything still to play for. The tournament leader Paul Hunton drew an average peg (peg 12) and needed to fish a steady match and secure the win. Of those chasing the leader Paul Hutchinson drew peg 13 on the bend, Dave Brown drew end peg 1. When the match began it was clear that the lake was fishing hard with fish being caught in two or three fish burst and then backing off. At the halfway point it was clear that Dave Brown on Peg 1 and Julian Brown on peg 17 were the anglers to beat. Dave was catching shallow at five metres and Julian catching from his margin swim. At the weigh in it was Julian who finished first with an excellent weight of 82lb 6oz, Dave was second with 57lb 12oz. In third place was Rob Smith with 42lb 11oz and fourth was Paul Hutchinson with 41lb 4oz.


Fishing frenzy on Falcon Lake

After four competitive days fishing the final results were as follows:

1)      Paul Hunton (Cleveland) 12pts

2)      Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 14pts (higher total weight 225lbs 12oz)

3)      Dave Brown (Northumbria)14 pts (weight 215lbs 5oz)

4)      Julian Brown (Durham) 17pts

5)      Rob Smith (Westwood Lakes) 18pts

Congratulations to Paul Hunton who had never fished the venue before.

Durham Invitational, Brafferton Fishery ,

On Thursday 11th October 2018 at 09:00hrs was the planned meeting for the F1 match lake at a complex known as Brafferton Fishery.

This is a match lake only and previous matches that have been fished on this lake have not been very good with poor weights.  A good turn up again from both Durham and Northumbria anglers and all looking forward to getting set up and catching some fish, the weather for this time of year was kind, Forecast for strong winds and the odd shower, but temp was warm.

The draw was made and everyone had an island to fish to and empty pegs each side, giving plenty of space between other anglers. As the wind was blowing down the lake it was thought to be an advantage as the fish would follow this down, however the down side being it would be hard to fish a pole at 14.5 metres and keeping the float still. At the top of the lake only it was a different scenario with a very slight wind blowing, this area was sheltered from the trees.

At 10:30hrs the “All in” was shouted, most people went straight out to the far island, fish could be seen but due to the wind it was clear they would not stay on that swim for long. Paul Hutchinson was one of the lucky anglers that had next to no wind and managed to start catching fish at that distance from the off, Dave Brown was fishing the next island down and was not able to fish the same way due to the strong wind, instead he came into the middle track and fished about 9mtr and went shallow. Due to the layout of the lake it was difficult to see other anglers and how/what they were catching.

The weather stayed dry and warm throughout the day, at 16:00hrs “Time” was called. Everyone thought they had a good day with not knowing what sort of weight other people were getting. The scales came round to each peg, it showed that the anglers sat at the bottom of the lake with the wind blowing so strong they failed to see the very delicate bites and missed plenty of fish.

The final result was an excellent show by Team Northumbria taking all 4 places.

1st Boyd Weddle 111lb 2oz

2nd Dave Brown 84lb 4oz

3rd Paul Hutchinson 82lb 2oz

4th Ray Westgarth 54lb 12oz

Well done to Boyd, once he saw his weight could not stop smiling, he is the only angler to get a ton up this year at the matches with Durham...