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Fresh Water Fishing

The section organises competitions with a view to identifying those who will take part and represent Northumbria Police in both the Regional and National Fishing Championships.

The majority of matches are fished against Durham, Cleveland, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Humberside, and more often than not are fished on well established fishing venues such as Woodlands, Thirsk and Lindholme Fisheries.

The section has 34 members of which only 15 or so are regular attenders.  Like most of the other sections at this time the majority of members are retired officers and I would estimate that these account for about 70% of the current membership.

Northumbria police Invitational Fishing Match

Thursday 28th March 2019

The first match of the 2019 season was held on The Match Lake at Brafferton Lakes, North Yorkshire. There was a good turnout with anglers from three forces (Durham, Cleveland and Northumbria) in attendance.

The weather gods were kind and it was reasonably warm with only a slight breeze. It was decided at the draw that this would be a 6hr match instead of the usual 5hrs.

The match started at 11am and the fishing was slow with just an occasional fish being caught. It soon became clear that two anglers were catching well.

Dave Watson (Cleveland) on peg 5 was fishing at 6 metres and also down in the margins, using pellet and sweetcorn he caught carp up to 6lbs

Graham Lowery on peg 45 was fishing long into the margins to his left and using sweetcorn caught carp up to 10lbs in weight.

As the day wore on the carp began to feed and everyone around the lake began to catch.

Some excellent weights were recorded.

1st Graham Lowery (Cleveland)                  134lbs

2nd Dave Watson (Cleveland)                     124lbs 8oz

3rd Julian Brown (Durham)                         98lbs

4th Ken Jackson                                          87lbs

5th Kevin Hood (Northumbria)                    84lbs

6th Paul Hunton (Durham)                          81lbs

7th Dave Brown (Northumbria)                   79lbs

8th Boyd Weddell (Northumbria)                69lbs

Well done to all concerned.

Durham Invitation, Brafferton Fishery

On Wednesday 10th April 2019 at 08:30hrs was the planned meet for the F1 match lake at the complex known as Brafferton Fishery, Nort Yorkshire.

Anglers from both teams are well aware of the venue, as all have had some very good weights on previous meetings. A fantastic turn out again from both teams, the weather was very cold with thick frost on the fields. The forecast was a very light breeze, sunny spells but temperature still below average for the time of year.

The draw was made, anglers started to unpack their vehicles and head to the allocated pegs and start setting up the required rigs. At 10:30hrs the “All in” was sounded, some anglers caught small F1 carp from the off, this was in the deeper waters, others, at the shallow end of the lake could not get a bite. As the day went on it was apparent the hard frost from the night before had put the fish back into winter mode and the bites were very hard to come. As the sun warmed the lake a few degrees the shallow end started to fish and the odd carp was now being caught.

At 16:30hrs “Time” was called and the end of a very hard match, although everyone caught, some had to result in picking up small gudgeon and roach. The top end of the lake (shallow) only came into play towards the last two hours, making the winning weight from this end.

Final result:

1st Paul Hunton (Cleveland) 23lb 9oz

2nd Julian Brown (Durham) 23lb 5oz

3rd Boyd weddle (Northumbria) 15lb 9oz

Well done to Boyd, showing the rest of Northumbria lads how to do it.

Next match will be again at Brafferton on Thursday 9th May 2019.


Durham Invitation, Brafferton Fishery

On Thursday 9th May 2019 the second match of the season was held at Brafferton F1, Match Lake.

The agreed meet time was 08:30hrs, unfortunately this complex does not have a cafe during the week, so it was to meet in the car park for the draw.

We were already aware the fishing was going to be hard, although it is spring, the weather had been heavy rain the day before and was forecast to continue throughout the day, the wind was also going to get stronger, the temperature was 7degrees. This was back to winter tactics.

With the draw completed, all anglers put their winter clothing on and headed to the pegs they had been allocated. First thing up was the brolly, and then it was time to look at the rigs and bait to be used. The ‘All In’ was sounded at 10:30hrs. Most people went on the pole and fished the margins but the odd angler went on the method feeder to the far bank.

After a short while it was clear the day was going to be difficult, very small roach and gudgeon were being caught with the odd carp falling to a line. People had to be careful not to put too much bait in their swim as this would kill it off. The disadvantage with the brolly up, people cannot see other anglers and find what methods they are fishing.

At 16:30hrsthe rain stopped and the shout bellowed over the lake “time”, this was the end of the match. It was nice to come from under the brolly and start to move about. Gear was packed away and the weigh net went to each angler.


1st Paul Hunton (Cleveland) 50lb 11oz

2nd Paul Hutchinson(Northumbria) 47lb 6oz

3rd Kev Hood(Northumbria) 42lb 13oz.

Next match will be Interservices match on Monday 13th May, held at The Oaks complex Sesay, North Yorkshire

Interservices Fishing Match

The first Interservices match of the season took place at The Oaks Fishing complex, Thirsk, North Yorkshire on Monday 13th May 2019. Twenty five teams of four had travelled from the length and breadth of the country to take part including teams from Scotland, Devon and Cornwall, Norfolk, PSNI and the West Midlands.

The anglers would be fishing across four lakes on the complex with Cedar lake hosting half of the field with the remainder split across Sycamore Lake, Ash Lake and Beech Lake. As usual the lakes had been fished hard in the run up to the match and everyone was expecting the venue to fish hard. It didn’t disappoint.

Those anglers drawn on Cedar Lake faced a long hard day. Only the occasional pockets of fish showed up meaning you had to make the most of every opportunity.

Things didn’t fare much better for those fishing the so called New Lakes. Those that decided to feed lots of bait struggled and the desired tactic was to starve them onto the hook.

Top team on the day was Humberside Fire and Rescue Service with a very creditable 16 points.

In second spot was West Midlands Police with 25 points.

In third place was the Army Black Team with 26 points

Northumbria Police came a very creditable 16th Position.

Out of the 100 anglers fishing top weight on the day went to Dave Thompson from Prison Service Orange team with 154lbs. Second was Neil Robinson Team HMRC with 139lbs. In third place with 130lb was Jim Hall Humberside Fire and rescue.

Best individual performer for Northumbria was Paul Hutchinson with 98lbs and a creditable 9th overall.


                                   Durham Invitational, Forest Lane Fishery.

The match that should have taken place on Thursday 13th June was cancelled due to high winds, heavy rain and severe weather warning around the country advising people not to travel.  This was re scheduled for Thursday 20th June 2019.

Again another fantastic turn out by both Durham and Northumbria anglers, all keen to catch fish,

The meeting was 08:00hrs in the cafe for a good home cooked breakfast and a catch up on the tactics for the day. Due to heavy rain the previous days we were told it would be a hard fishing day. The forecast was good, slight breeze and a promise of the sun would even make a rear appearance.

The draw was made at 09:00hrs and fishing would start at 10:30 until 5pm

The “ALL IN” was sounded and it took a while before fish was falling to the bait, due to the pegs being spaced apart anglers couldn’t see how others were catching or what method. After a slow start, fish were being caught on different methods, some sticking to method feeder, some on the pole, fish were tempted  to different baits and big double figure carp were caught on the pole close in.

At 5pm “TIME” was sounded and the odd shout of “fish on” was heard from deferent parts of the lake. The weather stayed dry and conditions good so everyone had a good day. After talking to other anglers they all stated it started very slow and the bigger fish moved in during the last hour of the match. A member of Forest Lane staff helped with the weigh in with the final result recorded as:

1st Kenny Kitchen (Durham) 73lb 9oz all caught on the feeder

2nd Roy Mclean (Durham)  70lb 10oz

3rd Dave Brown (Northumbria) 60lb 9oz

Next match Wednesday 3rd July Forest lane, fishing The Furlong .


Durham Invitation, Forest Lane fishery.

This match took place on Wednesday 3rd July 2019, held on a lake called The Furlong.

This lake is well known for its good bag of Barbel and some large carp. The meeting was at the complex cafe for a late breakfast.  A great turn out from both Durham and Northumbria anglers, all keen to catch some fish. The draw was held at 10:00am and fishing was agreed to start at 12:00 finishing at 18:00hrs. The weather forecast was supposed to be warm, light winds and cloudy.  They got that slightly wrong, it was warm, (very warm) with no wind and bright sunshine.

After the draw all anglers headed to their allocated pegs and started to set up. The “All In” called at 12:00 and due to the lake being a canal type, anglers could see fish being caught straight away.

Due to the heat and the bright conditions, the fish soon went off the feed and it was a long hard match.  At 18:00hrs “Time “was called and it was time to start packing up and asking other anglers what they had been catching on. Some stated it was caster, some said maggot or pellet.  But the good news everyone caught fish and in double figures and plenty of sunburnt heads and arms.

Eddie, Staff from the complex came to weigh the nets and the results were very close:

1st Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 74lb

2nd Dave Brown (Northumbria) 68lb 2oz

3rd Roy McClean ( Durham) 61lb 9oz

This was a good result for Roy as it was his father’s (Vic McClean memorial match, he won the shield, for the Durham lads,),